Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sammy Bento and Omu Yakisoba

It's been too hot here for the last couple of days uggggh. YES this is summer! We are having a blast going out around, and enjoying our very short summer.

I made a sandwich bento the other day. The fillings are sliced omelet with potato salad, and chicken onion salad. A bottle of yuzu (Japanese citrus) honey water for refreshment.

Yesterday I made omu yakisoba, which contains sliced green onion and spam, and I put an omelet onto the yakisoba. Omelet is good with sauce yakisoba! A cup of fruit yogurt for dessert.

Spam Yaki Udon
This one is an udon version. I like yakiudon better than yakisoba because I really like udon, and it sounds healthier than yakisoba noodles. Though the one I like the most is stall's yakisoba. The yakisoba sauce they use is pro-use and a bit different from our’s so I think I can never make that flavor without the sauce. Oh I bought a can of spam for the first time. They had cut the price at the super market. The flavor of the spam is a bit similar to canned corn beef, and the taste is much better than I thought. The nicest thing about the spam is that it contains no artificial preservatives, but I may not buy anymore because it's a bit too salty to me and greasier than my usual pork sausage.

Summer vegetable and flowers are just livening up around the house. I feel so happy!




Have a happy August wherever you are on the planet!