Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Trip Bento

This is Yuppi's first school trip bento in months so I wanted to give her a bit more fun with a cute bento. But hey I noticed that I brought out the fact again that I stank at creating cute stuff by making this one ahaha. It seems like I need practice to satisfy myself. We'll see how my kawaii-bento skill is going in the future. Well Yuppi got shallow fried herb chicken (her favorite), a cup of mac salad, sweet tamagoyaki, and a smiling boy. She also took some snack with her to the shore where the students headed to that day.

This one contains the same foods plus spicy pickled zucchini. I topped rice with edamame and umeboshi to brighten up the bland bento.


In the meantime, we went on a biggest carny festival in the city, which I've gone every year since I was a wee kid. For those curious about it, more photos on slide show or flickr.



Hot dog skewer stall



I am praying my buddies in Hurricane Irene's path are okay please stay safe!!

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  1. I think he's cute!!  ^_^  Your fried chicken looks perfect, I want a piece!  The festival looks like so much fun!  I hope I can make it over to Japan and go to one someday.