Thursday, September 01, 2011

Love From Japan

This giveaway has closed. Thank you so much for the entry! (SEPTEMBER 16, 2011)

Hey everyone! At last... it looks like I get to do a giveaway whooooo yey yey! First of all, I want to apologize to everyone that it's been such a long while since I've mentioned my first giveaway for the first time. Actually, It was supposed to be done in honor of my 100th post, but oh Lord, the biggest earthquake and tsunami did attack Japan right before doing it. Since then, I'd been considering if I should not do a fun event like a giveaway, or should put up my giveaway items for auction to raise Japan earthquake relief funds. However, I eventually figured that the fastest and best way I could do something at that point for the affected people was not to call off the giveaway but to donate money directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society. I hope everyone understands my feeling.

Although I've done bento for quite a long time I'd actually never known that there'd been lots and lots of bento lovers worldwide until I started this blog. What made me even more surprised was that they all enjoyed their own bento style! Not only that, I do feel so much love, caring and even a bit (or lot) of fun in every single one of their bentos. That has really inspired me so far and that's why I love looking at everyone's bento. But I feel bad about not having much time to leave a comment to all of them. And yet so many people have come by and made a sweet comment on my post since I started this blog. It has meant a lot to me. I also think I'd like to pull for people trying to make their daily bento -- in particular who are much younger than I am. And above all I appreciate that so many bento buddies have been supportive of Japan since the earthquake. All of these things made me want to do something that can show my appreciation and love. Now let me say, THANK YOU so much for always being awesome and thoughtful and inspiring! And of course, for bearing with my clumsy crazy articles lol! (But no worries, I do enjoy it myself hehe). OK, you may get fed up with reading too long story, right? Me too! I will move on to the main point now.

Ja jaaaaan!! Here are bento weapons you might get, which I selected with enjoyment. I sure hope the winner like and use them.
A two-tiered plastic bento box, a pair of chopsticks, four plastic dessert cups that fit in deep containers.

This is a bento Yuppi made the dishes and I packed them in the same bento box as the one above a while back. One of our collaborations. (Note: This bento isn't included in the giveaway since I ate it already lol!)

Two boxes of my favorite wax paper, flower-shaped silicon cups, a sheet of tiny bento stickers. DSC_0324

A regular bento sized furoshiki and a picnic bento sized one. Do you know about Furoshiki? It is a traditional beautiful Japanese cloth that is very versatile. Large ones are available as a scarf, picnic mat, shopping bag and so on. I really like the black one I selected this time.

I thought this giveaway was supposed to feature Sakura because I was going to do it during the Sakura season. And I think Sakura symbolizes Japanese culture. I'm soooo excited by thinking that one of you will use these lovely bento goods!
Maybe I won't announce this giveaway anywhere else because I'd like to send it to one of those who've enjoyed this blog so far. And I haven't set the entry period yet. It will be open until I get satisfied (wow how random!) Maybe for a couple weeks or so.

Here are the entry conditions I came up with. It's no problem even if you've never commented on the blog before.
1) You like to visit here and see my bentos.
2) You'd really like to use these items for your own bentoing.
3) You live where I can ship the package. (I suppose I can probably ship it to pretty much any countries, but in case I can't, I'm sorry!)

If you meet all the conditions above please write whatever you'd like to say in the comment box below. It's okay to even write just *Hi* or anything. You'll automatically be entered into the giveaway once you make a comment. Not that you need to show how much you like the blog, in case haha! This is to show my love for y'all. Just go and win!!

Note: Sometimes my DISQUS comment box doesn't come out on your comp/mobile screen. In that case, you can comment here.



1) このブログに遊びに来て私の弁当たちを見るのを楽しんでいる
2) 私が選んだお弁当グッズをあなたのお弁当作りにぜひ使いたいと思っている
3) 私がプレゼントを発送できる地域に住んでいる


  1. Hi babykins! I know I live wayy to far away to receive the prize, but I wanted to say how nice of you it is to have a giveaway! I love following your blog and looking at your beautiful bentos, it's really helpful and keeps me on the bento making track. Your recipes are great when I don't have any ideas on what I could put into my bento. I haven't been doing bento for very long, so when I get discouraged I come back here for more inspiration!
    So thank you for being so inspiring! :)

  2. Hi! Although I'm not sure if you'd ship these great prizes to Europe (I live in Germany), I'd like to drop some words here :) I stumbled upon your blog some months ago while browsing for obento-ideas. I bookmarked it and read your all your posts up to the beginning. I like your pictures and texts as well and got a lot of inspiration for bento-lunches for me and my kids. Thank you and keep posting!

  3. Ah, here's the comment page! I think your blog is wonderful. The pictures are well-photographed and make your lunch seem especially yummy.

  4. Ah, here's the comment page! I think your blog is wonderful. The pictures are well-photographed and make your lunch seem especially yummy.

  5. hi..your blog is an inspiration! thanks for sharing ^^


  6. Hi! I really like looking at your blog and I get inspired from your bentos. I'm new to making bento, so I hope one day I would do good looking bentos as yours .They look so tasty:)

  7. Hi Babykins! It is so generous and kind of you to host this giveaway.
    I started working full time in June and I've been bringing my bento to work on a regular basis . It's healthy and saves money. I often don't have time to make it look super nice  but I have a good feeling about having cute boxes and different foods and my colleagues are often envious, if only of the box!
    I started exploring blogs with inspiring bento pictures and found yours this way. Your bentos and stories are always interesting and fun. I wish I was so clever for the decoration and variety. And that way I learn more about Japan.
    Everything you selected for the giveaway is beautiful,not least the sparkly Sakura box :) Some lucky winner is going to be very happy.
    Anyway, thank you again and good luck to all!

  8. Hi babykins! I just came across your blog a few days ago. Love it, I like your bentos and thanks for the recipe you shared. Great giveaway too, I hope I can win those wax papers! :)))

  9. Izumi!  This is such an amazing giveaway!  You are sooo sweet to do this :)  

  10. The sakura books looks so lovely, I love that it so glittering

  11. Yay I would like to enter please!  I've been following your flickr stream and blog for some time now ^_^  I'm in the U.S>

  12. You are such an inspiration. Beautiful photos and mouthwatering bentos!! 

  13. I haven't posted many comments here, I'm a bit of a lingerer, but I like your blog very much!
    Your lunches are simple yet beautiful. I think that's what I like most :)

  14. Izumi-chan! It was so noble from you to skip the celebrations of your 100th post on behalf of the terrible happenings followed by the earthquake. Anyhow, congratulations on your achievement! I love to follow your bento diary and also... just ADORE your bakings and kitchen adventures! You are an inspiration ^__^. Your bento is always so fresh, delicious and cute looking! I would love to eat one made by you :).
    (and by the way, it doesn't matter much if where I live is not qualified for your shipping, I totally understand :D)
    Thank you so much for your lovely blog!

  15. Hi Babykins... I dunno where you actually can ship to -- but here's me saying how I really enjoy your posts/tweets/flickr pics!  It's great to know other bento lovers out there. :)

  16. @Turkman123 (Mike)February 9, 2012 at 8:27 AM

    I worked for a Japanese professor when I was doing my fellowship and we had many Japanese scientists in our group.  At noon, we would all eat lunch and they would have great bento lunches in metal bento boxes, wrapped in furoshiki.  Very cool and practical.  Making a nice bento lunch is probably beyond my skills but I do enjoy a bento-style lunch at the local Japanese restaurant every once in a while. 

  17. Hi babykins! I know I live wayy to far away to receive the prize, but I wanted to say how nice of you it is to have a giveaway! I love following your blog and looking at your beautiful bentos, it's really helpful and keeps me on the bento making track. Your recipes are great when I don't have any ideas on what I could put into my bento. I haven't been doing bento for very long, so when I get discouraged I come back here for more inspiration!So thank you for being so inspiring! :) 

  18. hi you know i like xou blog and your Bentos^^ The looks always so tasty!
    I love it and your blog is on my favouritelist! :-)
    nice wishes melonpan

  19. I came across your blog today while Googling for decorative waxed paper (never knew such a thing existed before!), and I'm finding the photos of your bentos really nice to look at.  I'm just a beginner at assembling bentos but I hope to get better at it and I think I'd really enjoy using the items, especially the furoshiki.  Right now I just use plastic bags to keep my boxes from being scratched by items in my school bag ^^;;

  20. Hi there :)
    I really love bentos and also your blog. I usually search for ideas and I wish I could organise a bento like you. / Love all the compositions/. I love to make lunches, but I don't have bento set... And from my country /Romania/ I cannot buy something like that... But I really really want...
    I need to make more experience, and your blog is a great inspiration for me :) love to browse trough the bentos
    Just keep on bentoing :)

  21. Hey :) Ah this competition makes me so excited!  I've been looking at your blog for a while now, and I am so excited to start making my own bentos, but I don't know where to look in Australia, so winning your competition would be amazing!  I love your blog, keep up the good work! (Although I do wish the food in the bento would come with the prize haha)

  22. Hi! Got to know ur blog frm ur latest post that bento need not require only cuteness but something that will bring a smile to family n urself! I am so thankful for that coz thr r times that i get stressed out in being creative in my bentos. Thanks for ur post i now feel more 'normal'! Haha! And i love how coolnall ur giveaways are!!

  23. Hi there! I never comment but I'm always checking out you website. I love your colorful bentos and they always look so tasty :9 !! The items are beautiful and I am obsessed with your gouter du jour cups !

  24. When i drop a comment, don't know why can't lik to my web page at and my e-mail at

  25. I am another who discovered you through mybentolicious. you have a beautiful blog collection of bentos :).

  26. Such a great giveaway!  I always love to see your bentos and especially following you on twitter and seeing the things you cook sometimes.  Good luck to everyone in the giveaway. - Genetta

  27. Hi, I've been following your blog since I started bentoing. I just admire how your bento looks so nutritious and at the same time delicious. In my country (Philippines) bento culture is just beginning to get popular so your ideas are a great help for us beginners.  More power to you!

  28. Glad to see you've decided to do your giveaway after all - so generous! I've enjoyed your blog for about a year now, though I don't know if I've ever commented. Your bentos always look so amazing and delicious!

    I don't know if I live too far away to enter since I live in the United States, but I might as well try! Thank you, babykins!

  29. It's been a while since I commented here! But every single day, even on sundays I drool over your pictures, either here or via flickr. The chicken tartar you made on february 2010 is sill on my mind. I still feel ashamed though that I can't do a bento for my husband on a daily basis. Up to 3 times a week is still great don't you think? His french colleagues are always amazed by his lunch (yes we're french). Makes me feel proud :)

    I've donated also for the japanese red cross and participated in many events in Bordeaux to help Japan. It's not over yet, I'll keep fighting!

  30. Hello~! I accidently discovered your blog while looking for simple bento ideas on Google and immediately fell in ♥ with the creative and cute bentos that you made! :D I've tried making bentos before, but always stopped a few days later after the disappointment i felt for not being able to make a really good bento - BUT ur blog has inspired me to start again. I must thank you for creating this wonderful blog :)

  31. Amazing giveaway!!!

    GREAT ideas from your blog:) Thanks for being so generous with the gifts!!!
    Am not really pro in bento making but in a process of learning....

    Keep up the good work and continue to bless others, like myself with your creative bento arts!

  32. Hi!

    Your bentos are always a great impulse for me to try new things and to improve my decoration skills. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing just for us :-)

    I already have one real bento box, but of course I would love to have another one, so I could realize more variations. Also the "accessories" are great - I only have the "Baran", which was delivered with my bento box, but nothing else... I would be so happy about any of your beautiful items.

    In every case, I hope that you'll keep up the great work - every single post enables me to learn and discover!


  33. What gorgeous things you are giving away! I love looking at your blog and finding things to put in my own bentos. It always looks so tasty!

  34. Hi Izumi san,

    I am new in bento making, always drop in to see your blog to get new ideas.
    its great to make bento for our loved ones.
    now i am making bento for my husband only,
    hope i can make cute bento for my baby girl when she is going to school.
    Cheers! & Thank you!

    Yuna Mama

  35. Aleksandra RobinsonFebruary 9, 2012 at 8:27 AM

     What a wonderful giveaway! I rarely enter these because usually people are giving away things I wouldn't use, but that bento box is DARLING. I love the sparkles! And that furoshiki with the bunny? So cute! I just started bentoing recently, so I am still a bento newb, but I take great inspiration from your blog. And I just can't believe that your daughter makes such beautiful bento! Anyway, I can stop gushing now, I just love exploring your blog. :)

  36. I got to know your blog through I was impressed by all the mums who do bento & I've just started bentoing myself. Really like your simple bento because it's easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  37. I got to know your blog through . I was impressed by all the mums who do bento & I've just started bentoing myself. Really like your simple bento because it's easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hey! I think I live too far away to qualify for the giveaway (in Estonia).. but I would like to say a kind word anyway, since I've read this blog for some time now, but haven't commented yet :)
    We don't have a strong bentomaking culture in Estonia (I had to google 'what is bento' when I first read this blog, haha!), but your blog, beautiful food and such love for your family has really inspired me to work harder to make my food extra special for my family too! I think I've started to enjoy making food a lot more, I gives me joy to make my family happy.. So thank you for being an inspiration! I wish you and your family all the best!

  39. I would soooo love to win it! One of the reasons is that here in Ireland I can't buy anything like that...! Thanks for a great blog and keep up the good work! Cheers!
    Pozdrowienia. Anula

  40. Whoooot!! i love visiting you side =) Im just starting in my bentomakingcareer and so far your bentos are a great inspiration =3

  41. Yay, looks like I'm the first to comment!  I have been visiting your site every day for ages and I'm gradually working through your old posts :)!  Your blog is a feast to the eyes, love your fresh healthy food and bright, cheerful photography!  I have only been making bento for a short time and still have a lot to learn from the experts!  Thanks :)