Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Satoimo Shrimp Sandwich

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Today I have something new to share. Though I made this bento a little while back, I've saved it for when I can have time to write a recipe for it.
Can you guess what these are? Yes they are satoimo, a sort of taro! Raw ones are slimy, but cooked ones are a bit sticky and smoother than potato. I think its texture is kind of similar to avocado's. Not that I'm big fan of it, but I love satoimo sandwiches so I thought I wanted to share the idea of this bento. Of course if you dislike satoimo or can't find it at your supermarkets, potato would work as well as satoimo on this recipe.

This is a do-it-yourself sammy bento. I prepared two kinds of fillings using satoimo and shrimp. And I baked some bagels and buns using one dough.
Bagel Bento

Sandwich filling -- Satoimo (taro)
Peel satoimo and cut into easy-to-eat size pieces, then boil in salted water until tender. Then drain and flavor with a little butter and ground sesame. Though you may not have heard of a combo of satoimo/potato, butter and sesame seeds, it has a soft and tender flavor, like kind of a comfort food.

Sandwich filling -- Shrimp
Boil shrimps, then drain and shell. Season with some mayonnaise, ketchup and lemon juice as you like.


You can eat satoimo and shrimp together, or separately as well.

Here are my soy milk whole wheat bagels and *butt buns*. Some friends liked this naming lol! I actually mismeasured the liquid amount of the dough. That's why these bagels look kind of tough haha!


  1. Thank you for coming by! Please let me know if it went well! :)

  2. I will try the taro idea for my lunch tomorrow, thank you for the idea!

  3. My pleasure! I hope it's helpful for your cooking/bento idea :D

  4. @9d1fc2480bac4b4c2e872f2b3d56574d 
    My pleasure! Give taro sammy a try sometime! :)

  5. ohayobento 
    Baking bread is fun! I'm not an expert though. Satoimo is a kinda interesting ingredient to use. Hope you have a chance to experience it!

  6. @9346a222d0425a5a493c134e8d88370a 
    Good you love it! :)
    You can simmer satoimo like nikujaga. It's available as well as potato... korokke (croquette), salad, nimono, etc.

  7. @d8c8e32ae7629e4c80d4b5c4a35f4379 
    Thanks for the encouragement! This was yummy :)

  8. Jenn of Not Exactly Bento 
    Wow thanks for the sweetest comment!

  9. I have never seen or heard "satoimo" before. Tank you for these  recipe ^^
    Now i am looking for Satoimo in my near

  10. Taro look yummy & healty. Give me ideal add taro in my future bento. Tks for sharing

  11. This looks lovely!  I've never had satoimo before, I'd love to try it.  I love that you make your own bread!!!  It looks delicious!  Especially the butt-bun ;)

  12. Heehee, I love your buttbuns.  So cute :D  I will try your satoimo recipe, someone gave me a bag recently and I have no idea what to do with them, hehe!  Any other suggestions would be welcome too :D

  13. Looks great and delicious!