Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pink Bento and Meat Ball

Quick post! This is a bento the other day. Does it look kind of gorgeous? All I made for the bento was mashed potato, and I only cut veggie. The rest of the bento are meat balls that Yuppi made in the morning, rice topped with umeboshi, a mini bottle of salad dressing, a mini frozen gratin cup (store bought), and two slices of baked sweet potato (also store bought) for dessert. A super quick bento!



This one is Yuppi's bento she packed herself, which has pretty much the same foods. The pink stars on the lettuce are red daikon (radish). She also had a mini jar of sesame dressing for the veggie.


Happy weekend all!

P.S. Don't you forget anything? My giveaway's here!


  1. Mari Baker 
    Aw thanks! I love it too, love pink goods :) I hope to have more opportunities to use it.

  2. It is a gorgeous bento!  I love the miniature Shokado box.  

  3. @5c34c59d33679baecc33d745a69c838b 
    Thank you! I'll miss summer soon, it's almost fall here.

  4. It looks so tasty an "fresh of summer!"<
    Now i getting summerfeeling^^

  5. Thanks so much for the comment! :D