Friday, September 02, 2011

Tondon Bento -- Shoyu Honey Pork

A bento today is really simple but simple is not bad. You don't need to feel ashamed just because you don't work hard on bentomaking. Bento is only one part of dairy meals. You make meals not to show people your creations but to make your family and yourself smile, so take it easy. --- Note to self... LOL! What I fixed for bento this morning are a cup of ruby grapefruit, tamagoyaki slices, mashed potato seasoned with red dekofuri, which you can hardly see how it's bear face-shaped. And main... is tondon!! It's short for pork domburi in Japanese --- a bowl of rice topped with grilled pork slices seasoned with special tondon sauce. But mine is not special at all. I make it in a super lazy way!

1) Cut pork slices into bite size pieces, then dredge in a little flour.
2) Saute the pork in a frying pan, then seasoned with shoyu and honey as you like. Then put it over rice. Done!

A combo of shoyu and honey will turn out a simple but great sauce. It needs nothing else. And it can be applied to chicken. So you don't have to buy a bottled tariyaki sauce anymore. I put a little sesame seeds and mustard sprouts on the pork. Yuppi also had a panda choco cookie for a little treat.

I have another few photos to share because It's boring having only one photo on a post. Some of you saw them already on Twitter or Flickr though.

This is where Yuppi went on a school trip. It was such a nice day!


Since It's been too darn muggy here for the last couple of days due to the typhoon coming, I needed shave ice to get rid of the heat and humidity around me. Our kyorochan did a great job this time also.

I have to share freaking scary photos! We got two kegani (crabs) from Dad the other day. It kept glaring at me with an angry eye till eaten by us. It was really yummy though. Do you have courage to eat it??


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