Friday, July 01, 2011

Baked Donut Bento and Menchi Katsu Bento

Humm I think I can't catch up on my bento making pace. It looks like my bento pictures will keep piling up. Hopefully I'm going to post the rest of them this weekend.

Yesterday Yuppi made hotcakes (Japanese pancakes) for breakfast so yesterday's bento came out baked donuts. What? Hotcakes are baked donuts? No, I stole part of her hotcake batter and baked it using a donut pan. I thought donuts would fit much more in a bento box. And I think the shape of these donuts is kind of cute. By the way a hotcake just looks like a pancake, but I think they are a bit different. Hotcake is more fluffy and cake-ish. My hotcake recipe is here. I arrange this batter a little, according to the situation, and use for American dogs (corn dogs), takoyaki cakes, drop donuts, and steamed cupcakes.



Another day, I made menchi katsu. Menchi katsu was my favorite dish when I was a child. If you don't know of it you imagine a panko-fried meat patty. But since I didn't have beef or pork then, used tofu chicken patty instead. Tofu and chicken tender are regulars in my fridge because they both are always available cheaply at any stores haha! My tofu chicken patty recipe is here.
I added some onion to the recipe, and dredged direct the shaped patties in panko instead of starch, and then shallow fried them. This menchi katsu goes well with both syoyu and tonkatsu sauce.

Wishing y'all a fabulous weekend!


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    Thanks so much! Yea how hard posting regularly is, but maybe I can't quit blogging. You neither? :D

  2. They both look wonderful! I love the baked donuts. I can't keep up on my bento making posts, just trying to hang in there.