Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow Bunny Bento


Today I made Saturday lunch with leftovers as cleaning fridge.  These rice balls are snow bunnies (not white bunnies though), because I used brown rice.
Today's menu... Rice bunny, Stir-fried bacon and cabbage, Broiled mayo-chicken, Fried egg (syoyu tasting), Leftovers salad, Tofu shiratama (mochi rice flour dumpling) with Sweet sesame paste.  I love bacon-cabbage and sesame dumpling!!  I have finally finished a big red cabbage.


The bunnies hiding in dishes


Usually shiratama becomes firm when refrigerated, but soft-tofu mixed shiratama keeps soft.  Plus It's much tastier.  This sesame paste is made from ground sesame, sugar, shoyu, starch, water.  Both are so easy to make!

Tofu Shiratama


  1. So cute! And the red cabbage with bacon is calling out to me. Lovely range of sweet shapes and colors--delightful bento babykins!

  2. Oh my the little snow bunny is so cute! Everything looks tasty :D

  3. I love the mix of colors and textures... The photos are great too!

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  5. Very cute, and super photos too, well done.

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    Thanks for coming! Love kidlet's bento and cookies you baked.

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  11. Thanks for your comment Chia!
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