Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oyster Sauce Shrimp Bento & Ome-rice Lunch

Today's bento menu...  Oyster sauce shrimp, Tamagoyaki (omelet), Red cabbage pickle, Salted salmon, Broccoli ohitasi.
Ohitasi is veggie boiled and soaked or tossed with syoyu, dashi, and others. This shrimps are stir-fried and seasoned with oyster sauce and a little salt.


This is yesterday's lunch.  Ome-rice (Japanese spelling "omuraisu"), Lettuce & cucumber salad, Samosa.
Samosa is Indian snack like fried pastry.  I made it using gyoza-no-kawa (thin skin of dough).  So these samosa just look like fried gyoza!  Its filling is made from rice and a retort rajma masala (spicy kidney beans) from my friend.  Actually I wanted to make potato filling, but it took too much time to make.  Because we were hungry, wanted to have lunch soon.  But this idea was NOT mistake.  The samosa were so tasty!  We started eating it greedy.  But it was... too hot!!!

lunch for yuppi 2010.1.13y-2


  1. Wow a lot of yummy seafood in your today's bento, very mouthwatering (^.^)

  2. I agree with Lia, this is indeed mouthwatering!Samosa made with gyoza-no-kawa are a great idea. I'm sure I'd try to eat them hot and fresh from the pan, too. Your lovely foods and photos are such a treat :)Nice to see you posting on Flickr as well!

  3. HAHA i am *always* trying to eat food while it's too hot and burning my mouth in the process... i guess that's just the cost of us foodies loving food so much :0)

    wonderful bento, i really enjoyed seeing it on bento central and learning more here...

    i have grown so fond of your work, i wanted to pass along an award to you - please come pick it up at my blog!

  4. 餃子の皮ですか。うまそう~!


  5. Thanks Lia! Now I'm writing this comment with " Wii ". So glad if you like this bento ^-^*

  6. Thanks bentobird! I want you to try " gyozanokawa-samosa ".
    Want to get a new PC as soon as possible and want to see your bento!

  7. なおさん、おいしいカレーをありがとうでした~、他のはまだ食べてないんだけどrajmaがすごくおいしかったです!! ちょっと辛めだけどご飯と混ぜるとちょうどイイ♪ うまかった。(送ってくれたレシピの) クミンポテトもおいしかったよ。
    そうか! ライタね~、チャレンジしてみます ^o^

  8. megan
    Lol! you are hasty, I am much hastier though :D

    I was really surprised your passing me the award but am SO glad the award was passed along from YOU! I think l will write a post about this award after get a new PC. Thanks megan!

  9. your very talented babykins! very nice looking bentosss.

  10. Oh, welcome! Thank you for visiting and commenting!!