Friday, January 29, 2010

Loco Moco Bento & Overnight Trip

 Loco Moco Bento

Today's menu... Meat balls, Fried egg, Carrot kimpira, Spinach/corn salad, Salted salmon.  
I've had this aluminum bento-bako from my childhood.  Tiny Poem/Kazenoko Sachan (breezy child) was one of my favorite Sanrio characters at that time.  Though I had also plastic containers and a ceramic tea set of this character, lost it imperceptibly.

Loco Moco Bento

One week ago, we took an overnight trip to suburb.  The view from our room at hotel Greenpia.
There was a skiing area beside the hotel.

A lot of swans and ducks on frozen lake!

"Feed me!!"

It was so cold there that the whole lake was frozen!


  1. Hi, very first time visiting your blog :D. Love your bento creations so much, and of course your photography skill - it makes your photos look delicious and vibrant :D

  2. Thanks for coming tatabonita! And thanks for your compliment. I've visited your blog just now. It's so great!!

  3. Oh my ... yummy bento and I would like to have one with that cute Tiny Poem bento box. Can't stand with the cute things hahaha :D Did you do a lot of ski / snow boarding during winter?

  4. Sweet bento, love that you used this Tiny Poem from when you were young! The spinach corn salad looks like perfect companion to salmon--yum!!
    Love your travel pictures, beautiful light and birds. My hubby loves ducks--I will share these cute pics with him :) Also, I was at the Potomac River in Virginia yesterday and enjoyed feeding mallard ducks and sparrows! They were also saying "Feed Me!!"

  5. Hi Lia
    haha I know, you love cute things and cute foods, since I love them, too!

    My hubby did a lot of skiing during this winter 'cause he's a ski instructor. I didn't it for several years.
    While staying at the hotel, I and my girl enjoyed spa and swimming instead.

  6. Hi Jenn
    You were also feeding mallard ducks!? That's nice! There were no sparrows but some crows in the lake haha.
    Oh! Birds of the Potomac River were also hungry...Was there frozen? I guess Washington D.C. is cold,too.
    Hope you and your hubby will enjoy these pics!

  7. Hi Babykins,
    Guess what? Hubby not only loved the photos, he recognized the graceful white Siberian geese from when he lived in Northern Honshu/Aomori Prefecture back in the nineties! Jamison has wonderful memories of the beautiful countryside, and temples, and birds--including scarily intelligent crows! Greetings from both of us!

  8. Jenn!!
    I'm surprised to hear your hubby lived in Aomori! I've been there several times.
    So, Japanese crows are so intelligent and greedy haha!

    So glad to know your hubby's had wonderful memories of Aomori.
    Thank you for your sweet greetings Jenn and Jamison! :D

  9. Look at the gooey egg yolk..Hmm...this dish really making my mouth watery..
    You have the mouth watery bento I have ever seen.My type of bento

  10. Oh thank you! Do you like Japanese style bento?

  11. yes,i love Japanese Style bento. In fact I am starting to explore and understand what is Japanese bento all about.Most Bento makers claimed it is healthy diet.I am reading your blog almost every day to learn some tips.Thanks for your lovely pictures and recipes...

  12. My pleasure! There are so many people that enjoy making bento all around world. They make their own style bento. You could put any of your fav food into food containers. It's so much fun to make bento for someone or yourself, why not? ;)