Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ikura-don Bento

The first bento in this year!  My hubby's work starts today.  My bentomaking in 2010 starts, too.
Today's menu... Ikura ikura & ikura, yes ikuradon, so simple!  Vinegared rice under the ikura & kinshi-tamago (means golden egg thread) & kamaboko cherry blossoms.  Side dish, sweet sour chicken, boiled broccoli, purple daikon pickles, kamaboko bunny (doesn't look so), and New Year flavor plus a little bit.  I guess many people resumed their work after the holidays, while the winter vacation of the elementary school continues.

2010.1.6 (3)

How to make Ikura
Disentangle salmon roe apart using wire net.
  Rinse and drain the salmon roe well. 
Season with only some sirosyouyu (light color soy sauce).
If you like, you can use normal syouyu, mirin, sake.
Image Pictures of Maiking Ikura



  1. So pretty! I loved this bento, starting the year with freshness and good cheer. Seeing your lovely pictures is such a treat, and brings me closer to Japan. Thanks, babykins!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment bentobird! And welcome to the Japanese bento world ha ha. See you later at your site!