Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gyoza Bento & BBQ Sauce Chicken Bento & Fried Egg Lunch

Today's bento menu... Gyoza (Chinese name "jiaozi") , Fresh greens salad, Carrot and chikuwa kakiage (mixed tempura).
These gyoza are leftovers from last night, and so, things I should do were only to re-saute the gyoza and to make kakiage.  Time's up when these kakiage were completed.  I wanted one more dish to fill the space of the bento box, but I had no time to make other thing, was so impatient, and looked for in the fridge, no good thing for bento except tobikko, grabbed it, packed it in the bento box, done.  Yay!!  I'm not an early riser...
Tobikko is processed herring roe.

Gyoza Bento

This is yesterday's bento.  Yakiniku sauce chicken (barbeque sauce chicken) with sweet potato and carrot, Negi nori omelet.  This time also, put ikura and purple daikon pickles in as space-filler.  Dishes I made then were the only two!

BBQ-Sauce-Chicken Bento

This is today's lunch for Yuppi (my daughter).  Looks like breakfast!

Tuesday's Lunch


  1. You make a nice bento. I love the color of purple daikon pickle and how you arrange your foods :o)

  2. breakfast for lunch (or dinner) is the BEST!! cute bentos as usual :-)

  3. Hi Lia!
    Thanks. Your bentos are much nicer and cuter than this!

    Hi megan!
    Haha very sweet of your saying, megan. I will have breakfast tonight!