Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obento June 9, 10, 2010

Obento June 10, 2010

Well, can you guess what today's bento is! This one is very simple yet filling. Since it's getting much warmer here these days, I decided to make hiyashi-chuka (one of the Japanese cold noodles), but ramen noodles will mostly get soggy and not tasty after awhile.  So I used some thin pasta instead. You could use fedelini as well. It's better to toss those noodles with a little sesame oil after boiling and washing. BTW I'm bad at making boiled eggs so it doesn't usually go as I thought. This one is too soft, yesterday's was a bit over-boiled...
Oh I should write about a hiyashi-chuka sauce also, huh!? This time, I used some mentsuyu for the sauce. Awhile back I mentioned about mentsuyu, you know, it's a handy basic sauce for Japanese noodles and dishes. You can make a hiyashi-chuka sauce quickly and easily with it and a couple of seasonings. This time, I mixed a little of vinegar and lemon juice into mentsuyu. In addition, you can add some sugar if you like yours sweeter. This sauce is available as a salad dressing too. ; )

Obento June 10, 2010-1

This one is yesterday's bento. As I wrote a few days ago, I'm trying to feed my hubby a healthy meal at the moment. He's going to participate in a marathon next Sunday. For that reason, his recent bentos have been simple and healthy. However, I actually want to be lazy so I'm just making an excuse LOL!
Obento June 9, 2010

Mixed rice (brown rice, eringi mushroom, aburaage)
Nimono (konnyaku satsumaage, carrot)
Boiled asparagus with low-cal mayonnaise
Boiled egg
Cherry tomato and kamaboko rose

Obento June 9, 2010-1


  1. I use to have trouble with getting my boiled eggs perfect too. But I ran across an article once that said to place your eggs in a pan of water. Bring to a rolling boil. Turn of the heat and cover. Let them sit covered for 15 minutes them run under cold water. I have been doing this ever since and I get perfect eggs every time.

  2. Both lunches look really tasty!!

  3. both of these look so yummy babykins! i like my eggs a little juicy in the center, so these ones look perfect for me -- send them this way, haha! cold noodles are perfect for warm days. and the kamaboko rose in the other bento is lovely!

  4. No worry, you're not alone. I'm bad too in boiling egg hehehe. But your two different boiled egg results are great :D

  5. Drooling over the fresh, bright pretty foods here Izumi. The top photo is my fave--love it, instant cheer and delightfulness with my fave pinks and yellows and greens together, singing in the pot together :)

  6. Oh thank you so much, Genetta!
    It sounds like a perfect way. I will definitely try that way some of these days! :)

  7. Thanks, Kuusou!
    Cold noodles are good for easy eating on a hot day ;D

  8. Thanks Megan! Now that you said so, I think I'm gonna allow my boiled eggs this way, haha! I also like a little juicy. It especially goes well with cold noodles ;)

  9. Wow, now I'm relieved to hear that. You are my same kind!? LOL!
    Thanks tatachan! :)

  10. Ohayo~ Jenn :D Now I'm singing as I read your NICE comment! So glad you like cold noodles :)