Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obento June 16, 17, 2010

Hello there, what's up?  Though summer is just around corner, I've been kind of tired lately from family matters.  I only made 2 bentos this week.  Well, 1 day left until the weekend, but maybe I will be pretty busy again tomorrow.  I might take a break from posting for a while.

Teriyaki bonito bento
Obento May 17, 2010-2

Curry chicken bento
Obento June 17, 2010

Obento June 17, 2010-1


  1. the first bento is just like heaven! *_* Sooo beautiful an yummy! I love the boiled egg-face, too! <3

  2. The first bento is crazy! Yup, you should have a break, don't force yourself dear friend :D

  3. I love the little onigiri face peeking through the top of the box!

    Take a break and take care of yourself!

  4. Heehee, you need to put a speech bubble next to it saying "let me out!!" :D

    I haven't felt like blogging lately myself :( Still reading, but just not feeling like writing very much! Oh well, maybe the weekend will cure me :) I hope you have a great one!

  5. Hi Izumi,ah the teriyaki bonito bento has me drooling! The scattering of green scallion over the top is the prefect touch. Have a great weekend!

  6. @Token
    You like such a bento!? Thanks! I'm actually bad at making cute stuff, haha.

  7. @tatachan
    Thanks my dear! Yea I think I'm gonna have a rest a little more :)

  8. Hi guys! I'm sorry for the late late response. How is it going?

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment! :D

    Actually, I also thought I would do that, but at that time I was too lazy to do photoshop...Too bad haha!

    I can understand your feeling. Now you're OK?

    Thanks alot! I've barely made any bentos lately. So I want to come back to bantomaking as soon as I can!

  9. The curry chicken bento is so cute, with the face peeping out from the transparent cover!

  10. Thank you and welcome, KidsDreamWork!! :D