Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lazy Bento and Treat

Yuppi had a fall field trip today. She decided to make bento by herself. She made simmered chicken thigh, shoyu tamago and mashed squash last night. And she put her favorite gratin cup in her bento.

All I did this morning was making some onigiri, and putting already-done-dishes in this magewappa. How nice I'm allowed to be lazy in the morning. You can have a cup of cafe au lait on the couch feeling comfortable. Ah there is another thing I did! I wrapped Yuppi's onigiri in baking paper like candies as her bento box had no room for onigiri. They look cute, don't they?

Today's shots!! I had a burger for lunch today, which has salty sweet fried chicken and lettuce. I actually eat this burger for the first time in ages. I always get a chili shrimp burger at this shop. I wanted to eat the fried chicken burger somehow, but regretted a bit not ordering a shrimp one.

Did you know? Santa Claus has already come to the burger shop!!


This is today's treat for myself. Milk & mango gelato, yeahow!


  1. What a "treat"of a post with delectable tastes and textures and beautiful cozy bentos, Izumi!

  2. Yay Jenn! I missed you, thank you! :)  Your move has finished yet? I'm looking forward to stories from you in a new palace to live!