Thursday, October 27, 2011

Panko Chicken and Nori Paste

I saw Heather having baked panko chicken in her bento yesterday, which made me crave it! So I decided to copy her. Last night, I made panko chicken -- Mine was chicken tender katsu this time, and herb potato. For bento this morning... I sliced the leftover panko chicken, made tamagoyaki (carrot, negi), sauteed hot dogs, made some onigiri, made potato gratin using the leftover herb potato. I mashed the potato and added milk and cheese, then baked it. I also sent Yuppi a thermal jar of wakame soup today. Since it's getting colder these days she wants hot soup for lunch.


Speaking of onigiri, I made onigiri filling using wilted nori. I mixed nori, some syoyu, sugar, mirin and water all together, and then cooked until it's pasty. Sweet salty nori paste (aka *Gohandesuyo* -- nori no tsukudani) is one of my favorite rice friends. It would keep for a while in the fridge. I sometimes mix umeboshi or wasabi powder or shichimi/nanami tougarashi into nori paste. Today's onigiri has wasabi flavored one in it.

nori paste

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Oooh!  The nori paste has me intrigued.  Usually I like my nori crispy, but with all of those wonderful flavors it sounds really good.  I'm going to have to try that!  Your panko chicken looks better than mine!  Now you make me want to have it again :)

  2. that looks very cute with the small boxes and the little cup with potato gratin ^^ lovely

  3. ohayobento Plain niri paste is a bit boring, but much better with a little spices or something. If your nori gets wilted give this a try sometime.
    Haha, thanks for the panko chicken idea! I'll make baked one for bento next time. :)

  4. @5c34c59d33679baecc33d745a69c838b Thanks Melonpan! I can't make cute charaben, but at least I try to use kawaii stuff in my girl's bento. :D