Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spam Musubi and Chahan Bento

Yesterday I made spam musubi for bento. To be exact, pork sausage musubi though. The rest of this bento contains tamagoyaki (negi, crab kamaboko) and chili shrimp. By the way, do you know the difference between omusubi and onigiri? As a matter of fact... There' no difference between them lol! But omusubi feels sort of gentle and sophisticated to me. So when I want to put on airs, I'd prefer to say *omusubi*.

This one is a bento the other day, which has a nori omusubi, tamagoyaki, leftover chicken fry tossed in onion syoyu sauce, and orange, and a teeny tiny ichigo from our garden.

These are bentos I made a little while back. Simple fried brown rice with bacon, egg and negi in it. Chahan (fried rice) is really simple to make, but that actually makes it a bit difficult to make delicious one. It looks like there is a need to get the hang of it. But I think brown rice is great for chahan. It would help you make healthy and nice one!
Chahan Bento

Chahan Bento

I'm into making yogurt these days. It costs less than store-bought ones do, and is easy to make. Above all, homemade one is super yummy!
Homemade Yogurt

Today's shot! I love Pénélope! I have a lot of Pénélope story books. This is a bento cloth Yuppi has used since she's gone kindergarden.


  1. Thank you Melonpan! It's also one of my favorite :D

  2. I've never made my own yogurt before, would you mind sharing how to do it?  Your chahan looks delicious to me :)

  3. ohayobento Thanks Heather! Yogurt is easy to make. Ok I'll post a recipe when I have time :)

  4. mhhh tasty^^ i love the maneki neko cloth *cute*