Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Onigiri Bento and Things about Myself

Onigiri bento continues. I'm big on onigiri these days, especially umeboshi one. Speaking of onigiri, I mentioned the difference between onigiri and omusubi on the last post. You can't remove *O* from *ONIGIRI* because *NIGIRI* is short for *nigiri-zushi* (hand-shaped sushi). I think Japanese is a confusing language. But I guess that's how most of human languages are. What else I made this morning are shrimp tamagoyaki and sweet salty chicken sticks, that's all. hehe


Today's shot!! I made chili oil using the red chili peppers from my garden. I'm going to use it for gyoza. Okay now I decided to make gyoza this evening so that we'll warm up because it's windy and cold outside today. It should have snowed somewhere else last night. Well, which am I going to make... Regular gyoza or boiled one??

Following the Tell me about yourself award, I'm finally sharing *7 things about myself*.

My favorite places --- The public library and the public park beside it. And fancy goods stores. I can hangout in these places for ages.

My favorite food --- Comfort food and simple homemade sweets. And all kinds of noodles.

My favorite homemade stuff --- Bento, bread, yogurt, pickled vegetable, soap, beaded accessories.

My dream --- Study abroad with my little buddy one day. Getting a Harley motorbike.

Things I love --- Coming up with a new recipe, blogging, yummy food, cook books, food photography, kawaii kitchen tools, travel, the Internet.

Movies I want to see at a theater now. --- Kung Fu Panda 2 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Lastly, about the blog title and my online name.
At first I thought this blog would be a soapmaking blog because it was one of my hobbies. However, contrary to my expectation, this eneded up being a bentomaking blog lol! But I meant to write about my interests and all that jazz. I likened entertainment (such as music, books, films and so on) and spiritual things to *soul*, meal to *soup*, daily necessities to *soap*. All of them are absolute essentials for my life.
My online name --- *babykins* is from Richard Scarry's books. I love the world of his books and the adorable and naughty little cat boy, *Babykins* who is one of his characters.

These are all I came up with so far. I hope I haven't written too much haha!


  1. wow 7 things from you^^interesting! "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is very good, it is the story before "Planet of the Apes"

  2. @5c34c59d33679baecc33d745a69c838b yiiiikes! You already saw it!? I'm jealous! I definitely have to go see it :D