Saturday, October 08, 2011

Nanbanduke Bento and Award

Today's bentos feature Nanbanzuke --- Fried chicken marinated or soaked in a sweet-salty-sour mix of syoyu, vinegar and sugar after frying, with tarutaru (tartar) sauce. It's so good for a rice bento or sandwich filling. The rest of these bentos have walnut potato, pickled celery. For the walnut potato, I stir-fried potato (that I'd boiled the night before) without oil in a nonstick frying pan, then seasoned with salt and some spices, and added crashed walnut. For the tarutaru sauce, I minced boiled eggs, fukujinzuke (pickle), onion, parsley, then mix them and a little lemon juice into mayonnaise. You could use various pickles instead of fukujinzuke. This sauce goes well with fried anything and sandwiches as well.




This is nanbanzuke Yuppi made the evening before.

In the meantime, Melonpan at my little japanese world passed along a cute award to me! Thank you so much Melompan! I appreciate it.

The award rules:
1). Post the award with a link to the award post of the sender.
2). Tell of 7 things about yourself.
3). Pass along the award to at most 15 other bloggers.
4). Let them know.

Is this correct, Melonpan??
Well what am I gonna write... Mmmm about myself. Okay maybe I should let everyone learn a bit more about myself. However, time is up now awww. I have to postpone it until the next post. Stay tuned!


  1. @9346a222d0425a5a493c134e8d88370a 
    Yep I think so too :) I really want to write a lot more recipes a lot more posts! I need 30 hours a day :D

  2. @5c34c59d33679baecc33d745a69c838b 
    Hehe Thank you :D I'm glad you like the blog. And thank you for the award!

  3. Nanbanzuke sounds delicious!  You really must post more recipes...:)

  4.  @8db92fe922d6099b775d450c4032ec1e 
    Thank you Lyndsey! I hope you have a chance to try nanbanzuke, it's yummy :)
    Oh I'm glad that you're interested in knowing me hehe :D

  5. it looks again so tasty, wow the little Bento filled with love!
    Yes, it is correct^^ i love your blog, so you earned it!

  6. All these bentos look so tasty! I love finding new things to make and especially for bentos. Hope you find out about yourself soon. I would like to know :)