Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Onigiri Bento and Handy Goods

Today's bentos contain baked chicken tender, mochi mochi cheese potatoes, syoyu tamago halves and onigiris. I wasn't really happy with how the chicken and cheese potato turned out. I'll try them again so I can share the recipes. Syoyu tamago is our always-favorite. You just soak fresh-boiled/shelled eggs in some shoyu for a while (about 10minutes). My method is very simple. It's okay because it's tasty enough. You can reuse the used shoyu for other cooking so don't discard it.



Today's SHOTS!! I decided to share my favorite photos besides bento ones each time. I bought some goods from Seria (100yen shop). They have many more cute goods than Daiso does. I was looking for inexpensive stainless-steel mini loaf pans for a while. It's not that I bake loafs very often so I don't need expensive ones. Yes I finally found ideal ones!

Cooking timers come in handy not only for cooking but also for chores. It's so helpful when you don't have much time, or you have to do something in haste. Isn't this one so cute??

I've been using this onigiri mold almost every day. I like this shape and it's much easier to make an onigiri in it than by hand.

You can buy any of them for just 100 yen! Can you believe it? I can't!


  1. Any recipe for mochi mochi cheese potatoes? They look so yum!

  2. Well, even if your weren't happy with them, they look delicious!  They are a perfect golden brown.  I wish we had a Daiso or Seria here, I love your finds!

  3. Hi Izumi, I think your Bento still looks amazing!! I would already be happy if we had Daiso in Germany, you're so lucky that you have so many shops around which sell cute things!