Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hotcake Bento and Sukiyaki Bento


It's *Flour Thursday* today so I made hotcakes (Japanese pancakes, not that which have to be hot) for bento. Since I didn't do any prep for a flour-thing-bento last night this one turned out too simple. Wish I had bought sausages and fruits... I whipped up some hotcakes and rustled up some grub from the fridge. Chicken tender tempura (leftover) dressed in sauce, cheddar cheese in foil, butter and a ketchup bottle for the hotcake (Yuppi like it with ketchup).

2012.07.12 (2)

2012.07.11 (3)
This one is literally a simple bento for *Simple Wednesday* yesterday. It's safe to say that *Donburi style* (rice topped with savory foods) is perfect for simple bentos. By the way, for those of you who have no idea what I mean -- Simple Wednesday, Flour Thursday things, check out the last post!


  1. Simple doesn't mean bland. Simple bentos are sometimes the tastiest, and these ones look absolutely delicious.  Are these pancakes sweet or savoury?   Given the ketchup, probably the latter.

  2. Could you write Japanese pancaces recipe?

  3. Your bentos are arranged simply, but... the simplicity just makes them a heart-winner. Your bentos always look soo yummy and simply gorgeous :D

  4. simple but tasty and still beautifully presented. love the cute birdie sticker on the foil wrapper for the cheese... kind of looks like pig chan :-)

  5. Delicious and beautiful! Izumi, I'll be thinking about that darling birdy detail on the foil-wrapped cheese all day--I LOVE!

  6. Thank you Ingrid, You are so nice! I added a little sugar in the hotcakes so they went with both. :)

  7. Go check here.

  8. Thank you that's encouragement for me! :) Actually I'm bad at creating elaborate food heehee.

  9. Your comment always motivates me! I'm going to have to copy your healthy fresh bentos in my own lunches. :)

  10. Thank you I'm glad you liked the birdy sticker. I love parakeets. :D

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