Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ika Fry Bento

It's Omusubi Tuesday today! I made sesame omusubi, shoyu-koji pork saute and ika (squid) fry. I actually thought this morning that it was Monday today because yesterday was a holiday here. That's why these bentos only contain two kinds of okazu... I thought *today is Monday so I'm allowed to be lazy yay* haha! But I happened to make some omusubi for Yuppi's bento this morning. I hope to share varied ideas of my favorite omusubi (onigiri) fillings on every Tuesday in the future.

In the meantime, although it's not that I'm so busy, I will be taking a short break from blogging in order to clear up tons of chores. I will be back in a week or two, maybe with many bento pictures. I might overwhelm you, so prepare yourself!


  1. Chores are not the greatest things to do, but enjoy your time off the blog and come back refreshed and inspired :-)  As for the bentos, they are a pleasing sight as undoubtedly a pleasure for the palate as well.  I wouldn't mind some squid. I almost bought some last weekend but chickened out at the last moment, as I have never prepared it myself. I usually have it when I eat out.

  2. What a cute matryoshka box!  I've never seen one like that before.  I like your idea of having themed days of the week, looking forward to seeing more of your omusubi!  Enjoy your break, I hope you get lots done :)

  3. Thanks so much Ingrid for the thoughtful words! :) 
    For those who are not used to squids, they're gross to handle, I know. But once you get used to, it's easy to clean and cook them yourself. Now they are in season here. Cheep and good, especially sashimi! :D

  4. Thanks so much Burin! I like the 
    matryoshka, too. :)
    It's kind of fun so far to make bentos along each theme.

  5. Hello! I love your blog and your beautiful bentos! I thought you may enjoy this recipe! 

  6. Oh thank you and welcome um! I know her videos actually... I like them :D