Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tenmusu Bento

2012.07.10 (3)

I announced the giveaway winner on the last post. The drawing went quite smoothly thanks to Pig chan's big help LOL! Again, a huge thanks to everybody who livened up the event! The giveaway closed, but the bento gallery is still open. Your bento pictures are always welcomed if you haven't joined it yet.

Today's bentos feature Tenmusu --- omusubi (onigiri) filled with shrimp tempura seasoned with tempura dipping sauce or salt. I love both, but made salted ones this time. I did a bit different thing from the normal method. You would first make shrimp tempura, but I just salted a bit and floured some shrimp instead of tempura-battering, and then shallow-fried them, it's lighter this way. You can dip your shrimp tempura in tempura sauce or men-tsuyu (Japanese noodle sauce) instead of salting. I say, both work well. Then you just make omusubi as usual with the seasoned shrimp tempura and nori. Tenmusu is one of my favorite omusubi (onigiri) variations!

In the meantime, pay attention, I fixed my daily bento activities as follows. I thought I had to take steps to get out of my bento rut. I'm actually considering putting Meatless day in there.
Lazy Monday
Omusubi Tuesday
Simple or free Wednesday
Flour Thursday
Cleaning (fridge) Friday
Wow this sounds kind of funny haha! But I don't care, I'm currently going with it. How long I can continue, we'll see.

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  1. ooh, my mouth is watering...i have to try that!  Are they tiny shrimps?  Are they raw or cooked before you flour and fry them?  and do you toss them into the rice, or just squeeze one in when you're doing the omusubi?  i'm full of questions, as usual!   thanks again...see i'm still glowing...!  *(^-^)* 

  2. Sorry for my late response. They are raw and tiny. First, line a small bowl with plastic wrap, put in half of rice, put fried shrimp (one or two) on it, and then put the lest of rice over the shrimp and rice, then shape it as you like. Go for it :D

  3. Love the themes for each day!  I'm a big fan of the Fridge Friday idea :)

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! It's fun to make daily bentos along each theme. I actually like the Fridge Friday the best :D

  5. Your bento looks so yummy ! How do you make your tenmusu ? It's look so good ! 

  6. Thank you Lau-Lotte! I made them normally using tempura shrimp. Wish I can post the how-to someday! 

  7. I would like much ! :3