Monday, July 02, 2012

Lovely Bento Boxes

Hi guys! As I mentioned earlier I'm going to do something fun in honor of my 200th post. (It's actually almost 250th though.) I will be doing three things as my 200th post celebration. I decided I wanted to make a bento video and a bento gallery where my bento buddies could see their bentos. Hopefully I will make the video within the year. Now it's time to do my second giveaway! As with the first one, I'd like to send my giveaway to one of those who have enjoyed this blog for some time now. So I have to apologize to *instant readers*. For the winner, I picked out my favorite enamel containers, which are quality, not from Daiso lol. Not so big as the pictures below. You know what, I'm going to add some more lovely items to it. I'll keep it a secret for now for some thrill. Hopefully I can mail the prize to the winner within a month or two (how slow!)

giveaway 2 (1)

giveaway 2

Share a picture (or some) of your own favorite bentos. They don't have to be cute or fancy. On the comment box below, paste the URL of the page of your site (or flickr) that has the bento picture you'd like to share. Or you can email me your bento picture. In that case, let me know. I will email you so that you can email back with the picture. No matter you don't get the win, I'll add the picture to the gallery.

I will draw a winner out of a hat on TANABATA -- 7th july. Only 5 days left! Hurry and win!!

This giveaway closed. Your bento pictures are always welcome continuously to the bento gallery. 7th July



  2. Wow! Those boxes remind me of Yayoi Kusama :) 

    Unfortunately I haven't been packing many bento these days (I used to prepare them fairly often in high school and first year of college), but since I have an internship that's far away from my apartment I think I will start again! 
    Here's one from college that I'm proud of:

  3. Hi Babykins! What a nice idea to celebrate your 200th!  Here is my post:

    Thanks again for all the energy and inspiration you give to the bento community!  and me personally!

  4. 200 posts are indeed a struggle. I've been blogging for more than three years but my posts have not yet reached 250 hehehe. Super job dear friend ^^b. Whoaaaaa.... Polkadoty boxes, I'm a polkadoter - I'm in ^^. This is my bento that always brightens me up everytime I see it ^^

  5. wow, so honored to be a long-time reader and so eligible for this contest... the enamel boxes are so pretty, i have always admired your lovely, almost cafe-style accessories.  very chic but simple and perfect for adding just a touch of style to every-day lunches.

    anyway, here is a bento i did recently that i thought was nice because it was a change from my usual asian foods... and i think these types of food would be so pretty in the polka dot container :-)

    thanks for the contest babykins and congrats on 200 (almost 250)!!  wooohoo!

  6.  ta, that butterfly bento makes me happy too! so sweet and cheerful!

  7.  I made this bento box for a very dea friend of mine when she visited me in Manchester.

    Unfortunately, due to my tight schedule, I don't have much time to decorate my bento lunch now.
    So the above bento is by far my all time favourite!

    It's called 'Jess's garden of love:)'

    *btw, congrats for your milestone this far...I could still rmb the very first giveaway you did..I participated in it as well*
    Good job with all the bentos decorations, it has been a great inspiration! Keep up the good work :)

  8. Mande KenneybrookJuly 3, 2012 at 7:27 AM

    I don't have any cute bentos or anything, but this was my favourite one recently:

  9. Oh Izumi, those boxes are beautiful!  Since I won the last time, don't put me in the bag this time :) (to let some new people win) but I would love to share a picture!!

  10. Ah, I can comment here now. Love ur bentos n the boxes, babykins. They are both very pretty! :)

  11. Here's a bento that I'm proud of: It was fairly simple, but the colours and flavours came together well, and I made the seitan myself, which is something I'm still trying to improve on.

  12. Hi, can I email you my bento picture? My email address is

  13. my goodness, those seals are adorable!! I'll have to make some for my son...his name (Ronan) means "little seal".  Thanks for the comprehensive tute!

  14. Hi, can I email you my bento picture? 

  15. Hi, can I email you my bento picture? 

  16. Hi, can I email you my bento picture?