Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Shoyu Koji Karaage Bento

2012.07.04  (1)

2012.07.04  (4)

This morning I made chicken karaage since Yuppi requested it yesterday. She is a huge karaage hunter. This is my first time using shoyu-koji for karaage. Though I haven't posted it yet I made shoyu-koji the other day. It's as simple to make as shio-koji. You just replace the salt and water with shoyu. If you ever have a chance to make it, try it with sashimi or sushi. You would feel the difference. The rest of these bentos have potato cucumber salad, shiokoji tamago, plums and ume-shiokoji broccoli.

shoyu koji
Here is what shoyu koji calls for.

Today's quick okazu!! Today I made ume-shiokoji broccoli. It came out amazing. A long time ago, I got an idea of ume-shoyu broccoli from a vegetarian chef, lightly boiled broccoli tossed with a bit of umeboshi paste and shoyu. It is a nice salad that goes with rice. I remembered it and made it with shiokoji instead of shoyu. Ume-shoyu, ume-shiokoji, both work on broccoli (cauliflower as well).

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This is mine. I'm happy it's my kind of bento. Can you guess what the difference between these similar photos is? To all those who found it out, I'll give a little something... Yes, I'll give you my love. You have to take it lol!

Have you entered yet?


  1. is it the two little figures in the background?  i'm not for sure what they are, sylvanian family cats maybe?  ♡ back at you!

  2. i forgot to say how good it looked, esp. the ume-koji combo!

  3. Oh no, I think somebody is trying to steal a bite of your bento :)  I dearly love the foods you make!  I wish I could taste them through the computer, lol!

  4. Hee hee BINGO! They are not  Sylvanian families, but maneki-neko though ;) Thank you!

  5. Haha that's okay coz I already ate it all up :D
    I'm always thinking the same... I want a comp which food pops out of lol!

  6. this bento looks like the perfect variety of little bites of delicious things.  can't wait to try the broccoli salad, too!

  7. I was stuffed with the bento! :) I like broccoli, and hope you have a chance to try shiokoji one day.