Friday, January 27, 2017

Fried Kabocha Gyoza Pie


Hi there! Wow I am on track... So far so good. :) This bento contains shoyu egg halves, onion chicken saute, butter sauteed carrot, spinach salad, light brown rice and gyoza?? Yuppi is going to have a cooking session at school soon. Since they were given kabocha squash as a subject, she came up with an idea of fried kabocha pies using gyoza skins (wrappers). She gave it a try at home ahead. She made two versions of fillings. One is mashed kabocha mixed with cooked ground meat, plus cream cheese. The other is mashed kabocha mixed with crushed walnuts, a bit of sugar and butter, plus cream cheese. Both turned out great, I may have to swipe the idea and recreate them myself. I think pumpkin or apple pie filling will work as well. The crust is crispy and flaky, just like real pie crust. Maybe pleating the wrappers is a key for the flakiness. Fresh fried ones are divine!


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