Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Rest of 2016 Bento Part 1

I officially got into the swing of things today. Before my 2017 bentos go, let me post some of my 2016 bentos I haven't done yet.

Hainanese chicken rice styled bentos --- Steamed chicken on beds of rice. Corn on the cob, cucumber, mini tomatoes and boiled eggs as garnishes. A sauce of shoyu, doubanjiang, vinegar and sesame oil for the chicken and garnishes. Sweet potato salad for a side.

Naporitan udon and summer veggie salad. Creamy sesame dressing for the salad.

Ume gohan (rice mixed with umeboshi, shirasu, sesame seeds). Cucumber pickled in dashi shoyu, mini tomato pickled in onion dressing, bacon scrambled eggs and chicken tsukune with okonomiyaki sauce.

Thermal jars of curry, rice, potato salad and a stir-fry of kikurage, shirataki and satsumaage.

Crispy chicken karaage, honey teriyaki salmon, ham egg salad, broccoli with mayo, mini tomatoes and mashed kabocha squash.

Ketchup chicken rice topped with cheese omelets. Grilled corn on the cob and curry flavored potato edamame salad.

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