Monday, January 23, 2017

Yakiniku Chahan and Hakusai Soup

My first bento of every week tends to be fried rice. I think that's maybe because I don't need to wonder what I should make for bento. My brain refuses to start working on Monday morning LOL. We tend to eat out on Sunday evening and that means no leftovers for bento next morning. This morning, I made yakiniku chahan (fried rice), hakusai (napa cabbage) soup and broccoli salad. The soup is actually super easy to make by the way (doesn't require any brain activity, haha!). For the chahan, first I made scrambled eggs and a yakiniku-like thing -- dressed thin-sliced pork with sake, shoyu and a bit of starch in a frying pan, then sauteed and chopped with a scissor. After that, I stir-fried onion and then added in rice, the chopped yakiniku and scrambled eggs. Stir-fried everything together, seasoned with shoyu, salt and black pepper. Voila!


The soup consists of chicken broth, cut hakusai, sliced shiitake, salt and black pepper. You just toss them in a pot and cook (it's no time/effort consuming). The happy thing is hakusai is in season right now and delicious!


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