Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Teriyaki Burg


The things I packed in the bento today are spinach salad, potato edamame salad (leftover), mini teriyaki burgers, a shoyu egg half and light brown rice. I just started light brown rice again after a long break from it. Yuppi and I find that it's better than normal white rice. I prepared the spinach and shoyu eggs last night and this morning I just cut the shoyu eggs in half, and mixed the blanched spinach with seasoned fish flakes (from my dashi shoyu making). I never waste the leavings of dashi shoyu after using up the dashi shoyu itself. You could use the leavings (kongo-bushi and kombu) as a seasoning or condiment, by the way. For the teriyaki burgers, I quickly chopped chicken breast and pork slices with a knife and grated some onion, added in rice flour, salt and black pepper and mixed all together, then sauteed and seasoned with shoyu and mirin... Phew. My way of seasoning foods is always simple. I was happy with the result. Sometimes I fail though.


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