Friday, January 20, 2017

Wafu Curry

Happy Friday and weekend! I made wafu curry for bento today. Wafu means Japanese-style something. Wafu curry is generally made with dashi (Japanese fish-based broth), shoyu and curry powder. It's easy to make if you have curry powder and mentsuyu (a shoyu-based noodle sauce). This time I made mine with my own dashi shoyu, mirin, curry powder, onion, thin pork belly slices, shimeji mushrooms, aburaage (fried tofu) and rice flour as a thickener. I also like to add koya-dofu (dried tofu) instead of meat or aburaage. Both can be great meat substitutes.


This bento contains a fried egg on rice, and carrot salad tossed with crushed walnuts, lemon dressing and black pepper. Plus, of course piping hot wafu curry.


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