Saturday, January 21, 2017

Secret to Crispy Crunchy Karaage

In this bento are crispy crunchy karaage, hakusai (napa cabbage) pickled in vinegar, sugar, salt, doubanjiang and sesame oil. Cabbage chikuwa salad tossed with sesame seeds, sesame oil and salt. Kanikama omelet pieces with a chilli sauce of ketchup, green onion, doubanjiang, salt and rice flour.


Tips and secrets for crispy and crunchy chicken karaage (my method)

1). Generously dredge seasoned chicken pieces in plenty of potato starch (not flour).

2). Before frying, let them sit for more than 10 minutes to get the starch moist and to stick to the chicken.

3). Shallow-fry them instead of deep-frying.

4). Half-cover the pot with a lid while frying. A moderate amount of water vapor (steam) from the chicken makes the starch coating crispier and lighter.

5). Drain the fried chicken on paper towels to soak up the excess oil.


In this way, you'll get the perfect karaage crust! Hope it helps. :)

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