Thursday, December 24, 2009

Makizuchi Bento & Omusubi Bento

Christmas Eve!  Have you prepared gifts?  I'm okay, but busy.  Everyone is busy.  I have to make a cake after this.  And tomorrow, the winter vacation of Yuppi's school begins.

Today's menu...  Makizushi (roll-sushi), teriyaki chicken, sauteed mushroom, veggies & grape.  The makizushi includes kanikama, omelet, edamame.

This is omusubi (onigiri) before packing in a bento box, yesterday's bento.  Fillings of these omusubi are sujiko (salmon roe), tarako (cod roe), grilled salty red salmon.  I love omusubi, it's a traditional typical and simple Japanese bento.  I think that a simple bento is the best in some cases.

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