Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monokuro Boo Bento モノクロブー弁当

Today's onigiri is MONOKURO BOO.  Its center is soy-flavored okaka.  Today's menu, mayo-chee salmon (I made it using a fillet of fall salmon, spread mayonnaise then sprinkled powder cheese on the salmon then grilled it).  Ham/cheese flowers with red cabbage sprouts.  Deep-fried/candy-coated sweet potato (daigakuimo).  Some veggies (tomatoes, broccoli, sancyu with mayonnaise). 
The Boo's nose holes are made of cheese, and his hair is okaka (dried bonito flakes)!
Fall salmon is especially delicious salmon we can have only during fall to early winter.


Update April 2, 2010
Amazingly, this photo was carried on Flickr BLOG.  I was soooo surprised!  A ton of viewers visited my flickr meanwhile.

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