Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Omerice Bento

Omerice BentoYesterday's bento, omerice & chikuten (chikuwa tempura) & fresh veggies & sweetie.  I love the harmony of fried rice & omelet.  Omerice has two variations.  The one is a fried rice wrapped with thin omelet, it's an orthodox type.  The other type is topped with soft-cooked omelet.  I love both types.  This time, made an orthodox one.  Made the fried rice with brown rice, onion, ham, ketchup, salt.  Chikuten is a good dish for bento, I love it.  Mixed the tempura batter with aonori (seaweed), so this chikuten tastes of aonori.  Chikuwa is a grilled fish paste.

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