Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mini Hamburger Bento & Hijiki Bento

Mini hamburger Bento

2009.12.30y-1We made buns yesterday, so today's bento for yuppi is hamburger Bento.  Fillings are teriyaki chicken (yuppi's favorite) & bacon potato omelet, because I got a lot of bacon from hubby's mother.  And lettuce & purple radish sticks.  Made the buns using both flour & whole wheat flour.  It matches the omelet & the chicken well.

Hijiki Bento

This bento's menu...  Sauteed hijiki, boiled spinach with okaka & syoyu, bacon potato omelet, pickled purple radish, chicken gratin (left for bento from last night's dinner).
Hijiki (a kind of seaweed) contains a lot of iron and minerals, and so, very good for athletes and anemia.  Sauteed the hijiki with pork & aburaage, shoyu & sugar.  It's a good item for rice.  This time, I tried long hijiki but anytime use short hijiki.  I don't like this long hijiki, it tastes strongly of hijiki.

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