Friday, December 04, 2009

むすめっこ弁当 My kid's Bento

My daughter is starved whenever she arrives back home from school.
She says " Mama I'm hungry!! Give something. "
I say " Hey! you did have a school lunch, didn't you? "
So I have to make her bento too.
She has a meal four times a day, has a school lunch each day though.


Syougayaki Pork ( Sauteed pork ) seasoned with grated ginger, soy & sugar.
Simple Boiled Egg.
Purple Daikon ( Radish ) Salad.
Grilled Salty Salmon.


Tsukune ( Minced chicken saute )
Negi ( Leek ) Omelet
Potato Salad
Ham & Egg Roll


 I tried making a face of Tenorikuma.
But it became another bear.  What bear this is!!

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