Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chili Shrimp Bento

2011.06.14, originally uploaded by babykins.

Seafood bentos in Magewappa are continuing. Yesterday I made ebi chili (chili shrimp). So this one is yesterday's bento. For chili shrimp, scrambled egg is perfect. You could relish the yumminess dressing scrambled egg with excess sauce of chili shrimp. When you make chili shrimp you should definitely make scrambled egg too. Chili shrimp goes great with noodles as well by the way. So I usually make a little extra sauce purposely. Since chili shrimp is really good for bento, I hope to share my easy recipe sometime. The rest of this bento contains aspara bacon stir fry and hijiki (a kind of seaweeds) bell pepper salad.

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