Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Loaf Bread Bento and Purple Sweet Potato Tarts

Happy Friday! already!? incredibly fast!! I've been lazy this week, but today I managed to prepare bento. Today's bento has leftover tofu kima curry, egg salad, some tomatoes and a couple of kiyomi orange wedges. And I also sent Hubby a mini loaf I baked early in the morning, though it isn't in the picture.

This one is for myself, which contains a few slices of mini loaf, ham slices, curry, egg salad that's too little compared to the curry because somebody ate most of it before I packed lol, and some fruit. I had cherries instead of tomatoes because I don't eat any tomatoes... But I like tomato sauce and ketchup! Yeah that's pretty weird, I know hehe. I have trauma about tomato since my childhood, actuallyyy. Oh it's a pity I forgot to put cherries and ham in Hubby's bento! Well it's okay, he should never notice that heehee.
bread lunch bento

Here are the mini loaf breads I baked. I used both whole wheat flour and normal one this time. They are a bit cute, right?
mini loaves

I made purple sweet potato tarts the other day so let me share this picture. I was kind of happy with how they'd turned out. They didn't turn out as pretty purple as I expected though. I added some of heavy cream and sugar and butter and brandy to boiled purple sweet potato, then mixed it in the food processor. I should've steamed the purple sweet potato instead of boiling. It may have kept deeper color.
Purple Sweet Potato Tarts

Have a fabulous weekend all!

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