Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Bento Bako and Dekofuri

Belated Happy Father's Day to all the sweet and cute dads out there!

Today's post has lots of pictures. First, this bento is for Hubby. Look, I bought a new bentobako again ahhh! It may look featureless, but it's a bit different from the ones I've purchased so far. Doesn't it look kind of glassy? It's made out of saturated polyester. I like glass containers and have got some for bento, but Hubby goes running to work pretty much everyday so his bento stuff has to be small and light. I liked the look and texture of this one as soon as I saw it at the store. So I decided to buy it under the excuse of F'day heheh.

This is my own bento. Hubby's brother gave us a lot of salmon fillets the day before which he'd caught off so I made some marinated salmon for bento. I dredged the fillets in starch and sauteed. Then soaked them in marinade of syoyu, mirin, vinegar, onion slices, bellpeppr slices, and grapefruit slices. I wanted to add lemon, but didn't have any so I subbed grapefruit this time. I also made potato salad, and topped my rice with daikon leaf stir fry and torn umeboshi.

This one is for Yuppi. I saw the topic about colorful furikake, coming up on Facebook bento group page that I've joined. I happened to have two bags of Dekofuri on hand. So there was no way I wouldn't use them in these bentos so that I could show them in detail to the members who were so curious about it.

For those not familiar with Dekofuri, it is a kind of furikake, rice seasoning/topping made out of natural food colorings, egg, vegetable, salmon and something. You can mix it into rice or simply sprinkle it over rice.

I had enough time then so I played around with bento using Dekofuri for the first time in a while. It was so much fun, however, Yuppi said things like this... *This bento was so yummy but mama, blue food doesn't look really yummy, right?* (haa sigh, I was a bit excited to be honest because I thought I'd made a cute bento for the first time in forever lol) Oh totally! You got that right. I would use the blue dekofuri left when I need to lose some weight haha! (I don't know if she knows that blue is one of the colors that make food look bland and unappetizing...)

Lastly, for Father's day Yuppi worked so hard. She did challenge lots of newies (to her), made coffee jelly, wine gummy, nama donuts, and she did even chocolate tempering. By the way, baked donuts and nama ones are all the rage in Japan lately. *Nama* means not baked or fried. Nama donuts are the same as rare cheesecake or mousse cake in general. I consider they're actually not donuts, but just cakes shaped into ring donuts. But anyhow, it's no problem as long as they taste good! Here is Yuppi's nama donut she decorated for Hubby.
For papas day

I also decorated one because I had tons of fruit in the fridge.
Nama (unbaked) donut


  1. So it's a cheesecake donut? It's lovely! All the bento look delish!

  2. Thank you Sheri! Yes it's made from rare cheesecake. I like this shape :)

  3. @8bb80cf69445249dae4e0317f973738c 
    Thank you Sheri! Yes it's made from rare cheesecake. I like this shape :)

  4. So it's a cheesecake donut? It's lovely! All the bento look delish!

  5. Thanks Jenn! That comment made my day! ^^

  6. rudi245, thanks Yuppi is so flattered. Your comment means a lot to her! :D

  7. Heather, so glad you love this post! That dessert was really good. I think I want to make nama donuts again.
    You have to eat something before you come here hehehe.

  8. Yuppi's dessert looks very delicious. I get instantly appetizing. ^.^

  9. Wow!  Everything is just beautiful.  Lovely bentos!

  10. I love, love, love everything in this post!  Yuppi's desserts look amazing!  I love all the bright sunny colors in your bentos.  You're making me hungry!!!

  11. I love this whole post--made me smile :)  Is the nama donut more like a pudding or a pannacotta?  Whatever it is, it looks delicious...and I like the dekofuri but it's the green one that I think looks unappetizing!! Hehe.