Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pasta Bento and Hot Dog Bento

Today unfortunately I don't have time to babble, bummer... Actually I'm keeping someone waiting in the kitchen. Oh well, at least I should let you know what these bentos contain... Tomato sauce pasta, veggie salad, crispy chicken tender, and fruit yogurt.



Another bento. Since I baked some buns the lunch of that day came out a hot dog bento. I'm big on hot dogs these days. One of the simple goodness I like, it needs nothing other than yummy bread and yummy sausage. So you'll probably see some ones here again next week. I put on too much ketchup by the way!

Here is the person who is waiting in the kitchen to be eaten by us. WOW!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. ohayobento 
    Don't worry, I didn't! :) He really was YUM. 
    I've been making yogurt on my own lately. It's a nice healthy and refreshing dessert ;)

  2. @9ddada242b78c88059a25a727b6c7e93 
    Yup! We ate it all up! :) It turned out crab mayo don! :D

  3. Oh wow!  I hope you didn't leave him too long!  :)  Have fun eating him!!  You're inspiring me to start putting yogurt in my bentos, it looks so refreshing.

  4. Another delicious bento, and wow, drooling over the beautiful red yumminess which I am sure has been in your tummy by now ;)!