Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maguro Steak Bento

2011.06.13, originally uploaded by babykins..

Good morning OHAYOOO!!! lol. Today's quick post is featuring maguro (tuna) steak. It looks like teriyaki because I dredged it in starch before sauteing. But it's not sweet and I gave it a bit of a garlic flavor. So I want to call today's bento a maguro steak (domburi) bento. This came out so good, really! I sliced a tuna fillet for sashimi into bite-size pieces, then dredged in starch. Sauteed in a pan, then seasoned with some syoyu and sake, a bit of mirin and garlic powder. I thought this bento would need something mouth-refreshing so I made bell pepper marinade. I boiled some cut bell pepper, then soaked in a mixture of mentsuyu, sugar and vinegar for a while. Mentsuyu is so useful for quick-making bento dishes in the busy morning. By the way, my favorite is *Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu*. I'll mention about this item in detail next time.

Have a fabulous one!


  1. Jenn of Not Exactly Bento 
    Thank you Jenn! They are heat proof plastic cups, and I love to use them for bento. Take a look here. http://soulsoupsoap.blogspot.com/2011/04/onigiri-bento-and-milk-kanten-dessert.html

  2. I love this bento.  I love the way it is packed, its colors, and its unique components.  Just awesome.  What are the little clear cups that you use on the left side?

  3. Aaah.... the maguro does look tempting Izumi :D~~~~

  4. Oooooh I haven't had tuna steaks in a long time!  You're making me hungry again!  I love your gorgeous magewappa too!