Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hire Katsu Bento and Early Summer Flowers

Helloooo! I just want to give a yell to the world. Having quite a pleasant afternoon all by myself at home for the first time in forever woo! The rest of the family went out for errands. I'm so relaxed now.


I got a good pork tenderloin at my supermarket the day before. So today's bentos have hire katsu (panko-fried pork tender with tonkatsu sauce). Fresh fried hire katsu is delicious, I swear, but I found this time, chicken tender is better than pork for bento because it's tender and yummy even cold. Well the rest of the bentos are scallion tamagoyaki slices, ninjin shirishiri and cherries. Good thing I didn't forget to put cherries in Hubby's bento this time haha. And that bitsy thing in the picture below is a portable misoshiru (miso soup), which I added cut scallion, dried wakame, and a little dashi powder to miso so that Hubby could pour some hot water over it and eat at work. I think misoshiru is a must for a perfect katsu lunch any day. Ninjin shirishiri is an Okinawan popular carrot dish stir fried with egg and spam or canned tuna. But I only used some chikuwa instead for this one because I didn't have spam or tuna and had already made tamagoyaki. I shredded carrot then stir fried with thinly sliced chikuwa and sesame oil. Then flavored with a little salt, black pepper and sesame seed. Guess what, this dish tastes pretty good and doesn't really smell carrot so even carrot haters like me can eat it!


The strawberry in our petite garden is growing steadily. I just can't wait to relish them!








  1. Jenn of Not Exactly Bento 
    Thank you for the motivating comment! I really like the box, too!

  2. That is an absolutely gorgeous bento.  And I love the box it is packed in as well.

  3. Everything looks so delicious as always :). I always enjoy eating tonkatsu and miso soup together with rice :).