Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Friday

Whew my bento tasks this week are done, yea yay. I made a lot, and ate a lot! I found that my bentos were getting even simpler these days as I was looking at my past bentos. Staple food and a little something. What else is necessary in a small bento box world? Love? Hehe. If there is anything missing it is definitely dessert or refreshment! I actually don't care nutrient balance for bento. A balanced lunch is of course much better than an unbalanced one though. I think taste balance and easiness to eat are more important for bento. I've been trying to eat the same one as bentos I made for the lest of my family so that I can find out if they are OK. There would be a lot of things you never know unless you eat.

These are bentos I made earlier. Nori onigiri, ume-braised chicken and konnyaku, syoyu tamago, and butter-sauteed kabocha squash slices.

A mini omelet on bacon yakiudon, mashed kabocha and mikan segments.

Sandwiches (egg salad, blueberry & creamcheese), apple bunnies, that's all. Awawawa they are pecking Yuppi's favorite sandwich...!!


  1. Aw, the last one is my favorite-so cute!  They look pretty healthy and balanced to me :)

  2. Thank you Carol! I'm happy you like the super simple bento! :D