Sunday, November 06, 2011

Omrice Bento

I made omrice bentos the other day. Omrice -- omelet & rice -- is one of Japanese comfort foods. I always used to order it at a restaurant as a child. It was originally ketchup-flavored, fried chicken rice wrapped in a thin omelet with plenty of ketchup on it, but there are some styles of them nowadays. Mine is really simple (as always). I stir-fried cut chicken thigh and onion, then seasoned it with ketchup, salt, black pepper and butter. And then mixed it into fresh-cooked brown rice, then put scrambled egg (or an omelet) on it. I sometimes do a wrap version. I actually like it better.






  1. Omrice, yummy!  I had one once with demiglace sauce instead of ketchup, but I think I like the original ketchup version better... maybe I should try to make this at home sometime :D  I love the cute little sausages :D

  2. Carol, yup I agree! I think Demiglace makes omrice a bit grade up, but omrice is one of good cheep dishes, I think. So I love the ketchup version, and the old wrap style reminds me of fond memories. Every versions  are easy to make. :)

  3. Token_bentolunchblogNovember 7, 2011 at 3:59 AM

    this looks so phantastic! I'm getting hungry! *___*

  4. Welcome Token, long time no see! :D Thanks for the sweet comment!