Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sammy Bento

I saw sammy lunch boxes on the shelf at my favorite bakery and they were so cute that I had to recreate my own. Today's bentos have some kinds of sammies and panko chicken, which I dredged chicken tender slices in herb salt and panko, then pan-fried it. I find my self using chicken tender pretty much everyday! Maybe I have to send it a testimonial lol! Chicken tender really comes in handy for bento, it's skinless, low calorie, tender and tasty cold, besides cheap!! I actually used to hate it before because it was bland for a young girl babykins haha. Now I love it! Well, I think I got to make my sammy bentos a bit cuter than the bakery's ones, I made it!

Yuppi had egg salad sammies which I minced boiled-eggs and ham, then mix them with mayo. The others are a simple combo of ham slices and mayo. She also had curry flavored chicken soup, and a mikan for dessert.


Mine has my favorite combos. Butter and ham slices, cuke and oilless tuna and mayo. I had a cheddar cheese wedge and milk coffee too. By the way I always use low fat mayonnaise because regular one is super oily for me. Since Japanese low fat ones are great you can use them for bento without worry.


This Sanrio bento box is one of my childhood-bentos. I rarely use aluminum wares, but I like the retro feel of this box.



  1. i love it! Im gonna make lunch for my brother tomorrow! :D

  2. Aw you are a sweet sister. I hope he is happy with your lunch!