Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick Ebi Fry Bento

Hey everybody! Another week has started! Today I made quick ebi fry (panko shrimp) and quick tsukune (chicken patties). I seasoned some shrimps with herb salt and breaded both sides of them. Then pan-fried them with a little oil as usual. I put boiled egg with mayo next to them instead of tarutaru sauce. And for the tsukune, I mixed some tofu, starch and a bit of salt into chicken breast that I had minced in a food processor last night. Then made it into mini patties, then pan-fried and seasoned them. Whip-up bentos are done! It seems like my bento dishes are in a rut these days. Okay I don't mind so much, that's how daily bento-making is, I think. It's probably the best way to make or pack foods you want to eat the most in a timely fashion.



By the way, I found a newcomer chocolate at Daiso! Which has strawberry marshmallow in it. Of course I immediately became a fan of it! Oishiiii.

Finds from Daiso-3


  1. strawberry marshmallow chocolate? Oh it sounds so tasty and the chocolate looks so cute and sweet *mjam*

  2. It was really good! And yes, the package is so cute. That's my kind. :D