Friday, November 25, 2011

Mini Omusubi Bento


I didn't want to make bento at all this morning and had no idea what to put in bento. You also have those days, don't you? I did devote most of efforts for making some mini omusubi haha! I tried to a bit jazz bento up with them and cover up the blandness. Yuppi made tamagoyaki and I had simmered pork in a pressure cooker last night. I just reheated it with some syoyu, honey and grated ginger this morning. It turned out great! And I like the way the tamagoyaki kind of looks like a butterfly. Isn't it cute??


It feels like everything doesn't go well and I'm spinning my wheels having a lack of concentration. Today was one of those days. Oh well, thank goodness, at least I got home safe and sound despite the snow falling heavily. And yes! It's Friday today! That means... a happy time and something yummy to me!

I'm jealous of those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. And happy weekend to you all (ahead)!

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