Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shichimi Chiken Bento

It's a nice Autumn day! A bit chilly this morning though. The town is colored over with ginkgo yellow and other red/orange leaves. It's a real bummer I'm always driving when I can see such a beautiful streets. I can never take pictures of them. Meanwhile, it looks like the beautiful season ends soon... Yuppi doesn't need bento today as she has a cooking class at school. They call in a soba instructor for the class and will be making soba noodles for lunch themselves. I'm jealous! I wish I could join it. By the way, she requested chicken karaage yesterday. Actually she was a bit unhappy with the mock karaage (that I mentioned in the last post the other day) lol! Because chicken karaage is her always-favorite. I liked the mock one better than real one though! So I had to make tons of *real* chicken karaage last night. I saved some of the seasoned chicken for bento before powdering and frying it. I had seasoned it with syoyu, grated ginger and garlic powder. This morning I pan-fried it along with konnyaku slices that I had in the fridge. I topped brown rice with them, scrambled egg, umeboshi and nukazuke (homemade rice bran pickle). Then sprinkled shichimi (Japanese 7-spice powder) generously.



Okay I have to go off for the next task. Have a happy day all!


  1. What should I say ? It's so silly of me that found you here so late! Very professional and beautiful blog.  Foods you cooked always inspire me.  Thank you so much babykins and I'll come here often.  

  2. Lol! You're too cute! Special welcome to my blog, and thank you for the comment :) 
    Have you made bento lately? I guess you're so busy for child rearing.

  3. I am so happy I've discovered your blog. I love your bentos - they are so neat, beautiful and healthy :)

  4. I haven't made bento since my lo was born. These days I just made very simple meals:)

  5. I feel you. I couldn't make anything when my daughter was a baby, but I'm sure you are enjoying your life. :)

  6. Hi Monika! Thank you so much for coming by and commenting! I hope you'll enjoy the blog in the future :D