Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Healthy Bento



Hallo hallo Hallo Ween! Too bad I didn't make any Halloween bentos. Crafting a bento sounds like a pain to me. Instead I enjoyed looking at everybody's. All were so much fun! Anyway my first bento this month (it's November already... sigh. Isn't it too fast?). This morning I made some hotdog onigiri, veggie salad and almond dressing for the salad, that's all. It's healthy huh? I've actually had a hard time taking enough time for bento and other stuff lately. Maybe I've been going through the second busiest time in my life. So I'm probably not supposed to consume time for blogging and the internet, but still I love taking shots and writing stuff. If I don't do that for a while I would feel sort of discouraged. However I feel that I have to focus on one thing, or I can't catch up with anything. Ah well, those of you who celebrated Halloween, I hope you had a super creepy... no, super happy one haha!


  1. I always love your delicious and lovely bento arrangements :)

  2. Sheri, always thanks so much for your sweet comment! It really motivates lazy me! :D