Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Burger and Salmon Onigiri and Happy Thing

I now feel happy! Do you remember that I had a giveaway a while back? As soon as the bento gear arrived, the two winners made a bento with them! That has me grinning! Here is the bento from Aleksandra at Diary of a Liveaboard. How pretty!!
Aleksandra's bento

Meanwhile, Heather at Ohayo Bento has also shared her lovely bento, check it out!

I am so glad that they both liked the giveaway goods and used them! Thanks so much for being wonderful bento comrades, Aleksandra and Heather!!

In the meantime, at last, it snowed here two days ago! It's getting colder, but such a gorgeous day today. You know what, it's the latest record of the first snow in 89 years in Japan. While, the earliest one I've remembered is September 14, which I clearly remember because it is my sister's birthday. Okay I'm ready for the winter, bring it on lol! Although it has nothing to do with snow, I discovered a super cute and nice bakery the other day! They have all kinds of bread and all of them look tasty. I couldn't resist buying some mini bun cuties. So yesterday's lunch inevitably turned out bread bentos.

I made bacon/onion omelet and stuffed it into the buns. By the way the teeny green on the omelet burger is survivor of rucola on my window gardening. And I rubbed on cream cheese and blueberry jam inside the other one, which is Yuppi's favorite combo. She got potato chicken soup as well, you can't see it though.

This bento is mine, I sometimes have to have lunch in my car by the way, which contains the same omelet burger and a milk cream one. I love milk cream bread, but bakeries' ones are too greasy for me. So I make milk cream myself with butter and sweetened condensed milk. You just mix them. If you are a fan of milk cream bread like me give it a try!

These bentos below are today's ones. I made salmon onigiri, potato salad and tamagoyaki (mock crab and green onion). I put purple daikon pickle (nukazuke) and a mini sausage into my bento. I actually like the look of this one.

This is for Yuppi. I've had no time to shot hubby's bento lately. No worries, he also sure gets his bento everyday only if I don't oversleep in the morning wahaha!


  1. i would eat all of the pictures, it looks so tasty. And the mini Burgers looks so funny :-)
    Very nice, little Bentos^^
    Your pictures has high quality, i wish my camera were so god >.<

  2. I'm in love with the omelet burger idea!  We're definitely going to try that one.  I've never had milk cream bread before.  I might have to try that one too!  I get so many ideas of new foods to try from your blog, thank you for sharing them!!!  Thank you for sharing what Aleksandra and I made with our bento goodies!

  3. Nooo, don't eat pictures! lol! Mini burgers are fun to make and eat, give it a try :) 
    I think camera's quality is important but it depends on light and how you take pictures. Did you read carefully the manual book of your camera? You should get the most of the functions of you camera. Even phone cameras do a great job nowadays ;)

  4. Yup, omelet burger is one of my favorite. So easy to make and yummy! Most bakeries here have milk cream dog buns. It's kid's kind of bread though. 
    Wow I'm happy if my blog helps someone make their food. It's my pleasure! :D